We Believe In

Maintaining Safe, Healthy & Environmentally Responsible Workplaces

Hurley is serious about safety. Strict and complete adherence to safety rules is a condition of employment. Every employee is subject to training and compliance.

Our Health and Safety Program is meticulously documented and our objectives are:

Leading the Industry in Professionalism & Service Accountability

The mission and values of Hurley directs all its contractors to perform business ethically. Additionally, the public visibility of our work requires all contracted businesses to be accountable for spend and deliverables. Both of these requirements must be made transparent for any interested party to view.
It is not enough to perform contract work ethically and diligently. Outsourced work must be 100% transparent in doing so.

Competitive Pricing Commensurate with Quality & Value

Our offerings are second to none in our industry.  We are very aware of the cost associated with operating and maintaining a facility today.   It is with this knowledge that we put forward the most efficient and solution driven offering for your money spent. 

It is our goal to ensure that your facility is maintained in a seamless fashion. In place are contingency plans in case of absenteeism of front line workers. 

Providing Consistent Service

Hurley enlists the support of their on-call employees to cover missing scheduled staff.  Each property manager has an adequate list of these employees whom they know, trust and can rely upon to perform the services expected by the company and the client.  If someone is absent during their shift then the balance of the workforce completes that individual’s shift on that particular date.

Working as a Team

The service culture at Hurley is one that drives the concept of strategic connectivity to our customers goals. We instill in all of our employees the understanding that our programs are not delivered in isolation of our customer’s goals but rather they represent a key element of their overall achievement. This concept drives down to the front line worker the major significance of the work that they do and its direct link to the positive experience of each

It is this understanding of a common goal that has allowed us to face each customer and their needs in a united front. Our Front Line staff and Operations sector are very congnicent of the need to ensure communication and openess is there at all levels, it is the adopted philosophy that one represents all.  When you have a facility serviced by Hurley, you have the whole company behind you.

Monitoring & Improving Perfomance Continually

Hurley recognizes the positive impact of good employee relations has on our business.  To support relations between front line employees and management, we have expanded our HR Department to include specific train the trainer materials which are reviewed with our area, operations and site level supervision.  This includes a scheduled visitation matrix for every Hurley site on an appropriate frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly).

Their duties include:
Building relationships between management and front line staff
Assisting with conflict resolution
Disciplinary issues
Conducting site visits
Ensuring compliance with proper employment & employee procedures

Supportive & Skilled Supervision

To provide continuing personal and professional development, we offer a Senior Manager Development Program. Our curriculum includes advanced topics taught by outside consultants and content experts. Training is conducted in-house and at 3rd-party seminars and training sessions. Additional classes are included from adult learning programs offered at local colleges and universities. Curriculum topics include:

• Employee skills assessment
• Delegation
• Documentation
• Presentation skills
• Team building
• Safety & Risk Management
• Relevant legislation review
• Safe work environment
• Time management, etc

Effectively Training Employees & Supervisors

Hurley’s Managers and Supervisors training program is conducted at our training center and selected satellite locations. An exam is administered at the end of the program to ensure that concepts taught have been assimilated.
Over the last 10 years, hundreds of participants have learned skills that made them better at their current assignments and led to more senior positions within the organization.
All Operations Supervisors and Managers participate in this program that covers:

• Administration
• Employee Relations
• Train-the-Trainer
• Customer Service
• Health & Safety issues
• Sales & New Start-Ups
• Quality Control
• Safety & Security
• Computers
• Conflict, Bullying & Harassment
• Various Human Resources issues

US Operations, Head Office Boston
300 TradeCentre, Suite 4800, Woburn MA 01801-1883
T: 1.877.4.HURLEY (448.7539)


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